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The challenges faced by Chinese girls who start a new career through online webcam chat platforms mainly include the following aspects:

1. **Social stigma**: In Chinese society, people generally have a relatively conservative attitude towards the webcam chat industry. Many people may view webcam chat hosts as low-status or even immoral, which brings certain social stigma to girls engaged in this industry.

2. **Psychological pressure**: Working as a webcam chat host requires girls to maintain a good image and attitude in front of the camera, which brings certain psychological pressure. At the same time, some viewers may have inappropriate remarks or behaviors, which will also cause certain psychological harm to girls.

3. **Legal risks**: The webcam chat industry is not fully regulated in China, and there are certain legal risks. Some webcam chat platforms may involve pornographic or other illegal content, which will bring certain legal risks to girls engaged in this industry.

4. **Physical health risks**: Long-term sitting in front of the computer and maintaining a fixed posture may cause certain physical health problems, such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, and eye fatigue. At the same time, working at night or on weekends may also affect girls’ normal rest, which is not conducive to physical health.

To sum up, the webcam chat industry is a emerging industry that brings certain opportunities and challenges to girls. In order to enter this industry, girls need to carefully consider and evaluate the risks and benefits and make a decision based on their own situation and needs. At the same time, society also needs to strengthen the supervision and management of the webcam chat industry to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of girls engaged in this industry.